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040 Abousleman Loop, Jemez Springs, NM 87025

Jemez Springs, New Mexico / Jemez Area

Residing peacefully amidst the breathtaking Jemez Mountains of northern New Mexico, and nestled in the heart of the village of Jemez Springs is where you’ll find the Jemez Hot Springs, Home of The Giggling Springs. We’re resting at the bottom of San Diego Canyon, cradled by Virgin Mesa to the west and Cat Mesa to the east.

The overwhelming beauty of this area has (for centuries) inspired its inhabitants and visitors to awarenesses of (and contemplations on) all things spiritual. These otherworldly awakenings continue to bring about ever emerging creations of great music and art–along with the wide variety of spritiual centers that call this place home.

It won’t take long once you’re in the area to realize this is a unique place with amazing cultural history, stunning scenic beauty and therapeutic water!

Many people compare the Jemez to Sedona…20 years ago.

Take the spectacular 45 minute to one hour drive from Rio Rancho and Albuquerque through the inspiring high desert with its wind sculpted red rock cliffs, eventually passing through the Jemez Pueblo, occupied still today by the native Towa people.

If you’re coming over from Santa Fe, we’re just an hour and 45 minutes to the west and you can go south on I-25 and come out the way described above, or you can come through Los Alamos and down on National and State Scenic Byway Highway 4. This journey takes you through the tall Ponderosa Pine forests and through the 15 mile wide, long dormant inverted volcanic valley of the Valles Caldera National Preserve. It’s likely you’ll be blessed with the sighting of a large herd of Elk on your journey.

Jemez Springs is a small, charming mountain village–the gateway to the Jemez mountains and all of its outdoor recreational opportunities. The village itself is made up of about 300 people, with about a thousand more living just outside the village, and about 3000 Towa people that live down the road in the Jemez Pueblo.

We recommend going to the village website for more info on the village.  We highly recommend staying at our sister companies Canon del Rio or Laughing Lizard Inn.

Art and shops line the highway as you come into the village, and events and festivals happen throughout the year.

If you’re looking for the history of the place, stop in at The Jemez Historic Site at the north end of the village. There, you can wander through the history of the ancient Anasazi who once walked these lands, through to the present day native Jemez people as you meander through the ruins of what was once the Jemez Pueblo, which was later conquered and taken over by the Spanish who turned it into a mission.

Further up the mountain you’ll want to check out the Valles Caldera–a vast caldera (inverted, dormant volcano). It’s a beautiful drive and it’s likely you may see the great herds of elk that frequent the valley and area of the caldera. Check their website for activities like night skiing and horse drawn sleigh rides in the winter, and fishing and star gazing in the summer.

Bandelier National Monument is a must see! It’s a great place to get out and wander around while enjoying the ancient history of the place.

If you go south from here and take Highway 485 to the west, you will come to the Gilman Tunnels where you can drive or walk through tunnels that were blasted through the mountain for the logging railroad. The river comes right up near the road with wonderful waterfalls to look at or play in. Gilman is a red rock canyon and is another extremely beautiful area in which to enjoy the scenic views.

Several stops on Highway 4 are worth a look-see. For hiking and camping, check out the Jemez Falls, Battleship Rock, Los Conchas Trail, Redondo Campground and the East Fork Trail, and if you take 126 Highway you’ll find San Antonio Campground and Fenton Lake State Park. Check with the local forest service to see what is open and available during the time you will be here.  When you are on Highway 4 follow the speed limits there is aggressive speed enforcement.

We are about an hour and fifteen minutes from Albuquerque International Airport.

Rio Rancho is about a 45 minute drive.

Santa Fe is about an hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours away.

Allow about 2 hours if you’re coming from Taos.

Wherever you’re coming from, you will enjoy the scenery so try to come when you can drive in the daylight and see the sights. We know it’s hard not to get totally Jemezmerized by the beauty of the area, but remember to keep your eyes on the road and watch out for the wildlife!

Contact Details

575 829-9175

Physical Address:
040 Abousleman Loop
Jemez Springs, NM
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